6TA Series Air valve


6HV Series Integrated solenoid valve


6TV Series Solenoid valve


GVF Series Vacuum filter


7V Series Solenoid valve

Product feature:

1.Electrical entry is terminal, horizontal and vertical insertion can freely switch.

2.Inner exhaust structure, which can collect pilot airflow, and then exhaust intensively from R, S port.

3.Die-cast molding with aluminum alloy for body. The shape of cavity is reasonable, which can increase valve’s flow.

4.Threaded type and quick connector type are optional, and can integrate manifold to form valve group to save space.


CPV15 Series Micro-solenoid valve

Product feature:

1. None polarity design of DC circuit, the direction(vertical or horizontal) of  wiring can be adjusted freely according to the installation demand.

2. Low starting voltage and long service life.

3. There is no buzzing by the usage of AC power supply .

4. With surge device can avoid the damage of solenoid valve by surge voltage.


PCV Series Pilot no-return valve

Product feature:

1. Can be used for safety loop of pressure holding.

2. Can make cylinder momentary stop, accurate orientation.

3. Can be used special loop.

4. Fitting joint type is used for pilot port, which saved space and improve efficiency of installation.


DPS Series digital display pressure switch

Product feature:

1. Do not drop ? knock or apply excessive impact while handling. Otherwisecould cause damage and a malfunction.

2. The tensile strength of the cord is 60N. Applying a greater pulling force on it can cause a malfunction.

3. Do not exceed the screw-in torque of 7N.m when installing piping.Exceeding this value may cause malfunctioning of the sensor.

4. Do not use it with corrosive and/or flammable gases or liquids.

5.Please use it within rated pressure range.

6. Turn off the power before connecting the wires.

7. Don't use in an environment with spattering liquid of oil or solvent.

8. Separate power lines from high voltage lines, avoiding wiring in the same conduit with these lines.


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